Album cover story

I was playing a gig in Manchester’s Midland Hotel when I noticed a sepia print hanging onĀ one of the walls. It was of Edwardian musicians playing on the rooftop of of the hotel. It intrigued me so I took a photo of it with my phone and promptly forgot all
about it…

…until a year or so later. As I was finished of my albumĀ The Aviators’ Ball I accidentally deleted the contents of my phone. When I restored the back up the photo of the musicians came up and immediately seemed like the perfect album cover. I tracked the photo down though Manchester achieves and found they where actually a set of six of so prints from an afternoon tea at the Midland.

Interestingly all the instruments that can be seen in the pictures, piano, violin, clarinet, cello and double bass feature on the album. Also the piano is a Broadwood, the same make as the one I grew up with, which as well as the skyline of Manchester (where I now live) being shown, is a nice connection for me.

The is some more insight into the roof garden in a recent Manchester Evening News article: